Jump patents

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Jump patents

請問在以下的文章內容中,"Jump patents" 是何意思?
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In the US, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) filed suits seeking a declaration that their Oasys® and Advance® products do not infringe CIBA Vision’s silicone hydrogel patents (Jump patents). CIBA Vision filed counter-claims for infringement of its Jump patents. Novartis has also filed infringement suits based on these patent rights in several European countries, including France, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. J&J filed an invalidation suit in Austria in January 2009. Courts in the Netherlands (February 2009), France (March 2009) and the US (August 2009) issued rulings holding that CIBA Vision’s patents were valid and infringed by J&J’s sales of Oasys® products. J&J appealed the rulings in the Netherlands, France and in the US. However, the trial court in the UK held in July 2009 that the Jump patents were invalid. CIBA Vision has filed an appeal. In December 2009, a trial court in Germany also decided that the German part of the Jump patents was invalid. CIBA Vision will appeal this decision.